During my “Discovery” exhibition, I was able to do stimulate kids who attend the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre Art Club. The brief was to create a large painting that would go up on a large wall in the gallery. The kids, aged 5-7 years had never worked on a large scale before. To get them to abandon inhibitions, we made big waves with a long piece of fabric by waving it up and down - our version of Performance Art!

Next, I narrated a story about the great Hokusai. I demonstrated how Hokusai had performed in front of the Shogun, when he had painted a blue curve with a very wide brush, how the bristles had marked the long sheet of paper to become a river. He then chased across it a chicken whose feet had been dipped in red paint. He described the painting to the Shogun as the Tatsuta River with red maple leaves floating in it, winning the competition.

The image above is the result of the kids’ version of the Thames after Hokusai. They loved using rollers and stepping over the sheet, and literally being hands-on.