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I love your new paintings - very youthful, contemplative and striking

Lincoln Seligman, Painter, Muralist and Sculptor


2005 - 2013

I found that antique sari borders had a story to tell, so I stitched pieces on to the canvas to recreate their folds and flow. I blended paint seamlessly, discovering a new tactile mixed media to create collages with.

Collage with paint and textiles


A fascination with fabric had led to some paintings where I had evoked images of weaves. Then I thought ‘why not use a real piece of woven silk’, resulting in the Sari Series.  Viewers were intrigued by the mystery in the paintings, the stories of my roots and the fact that I had taken them away from their key aim - to heighten as well as hide the allure of the female form. My saris had become the sitters as I painted their colours, form and flow.



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