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The small wisdom is like water in a glass:
clear, transparent, pure.
The great wisdom is like the water in the sea:
dark, mysterious, impenetrable.

Rabindranath Tagore, Indian Poet (1861-1941)


Dec 2017 onwards

Using aluminium panels was another Discovery. I apply varied
techniques such as layering, blending, and etching to optimise the reflective metallic surface. These processes capture light and movement, best observed when you see the paintings from different angles.

Oil paint on Aluminium panels.


My inspiration has been a lifetime of memories of lakes, rivers and seas. Frequent walks along the Thames and recent visits to Dubai, led to this series. I zoomed into the currents and found abstract forms evolving as light and wind played a merry tune. Water will always be an endless source of inspiration for me. Viewers connect as they find tranquility and feel invigorated.


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