Artist's Statement

I have painted ever since I was a child. My works are a visual interpretation of my thoughts, associations and memories of something I have seen. I am totally absorbed, as I travel down to deep within. It feels even more rewarding when I see how the paintings then do the same for my audience. They connect with it, often reconnecting with a forgotten memory.  It feels like a birth and rebirth. It is personal yet universal.

When people say “How long did it take you to paint this?” I’m stumped. A normally articulate person like me is lost for words. The actual execution may not be long. The gestation period could be nine months or nine days when the muse sets to work. In reality the preparation for each painting is a lifetime.

When my mother was suffering from Dementia and I was caring for her, it was painful for me to see the change in her personality. However, there were moments when the lights came on. Often that happened when I showed her my new paintings. I noticed that her face would light up and she would start thinking of a title.  She would

recall a line from a poem or a song. It made it clear to me then what a magical power music or art have in our lives, especially for those whose brains are not fully functional. It reaches parts words cannot reach.

Visitors to my shows have made me further aware of the therapeutic nature of my work. One lady told me she had walked in to the gallery tired but her spirits were lifted after looking at my paintings, that they had triggered memories and happy thoughts. I observed, another visitor, an elderly gentleman, who was trailing his wife in the gallery.  His body language seemed to be saying “Well dear, if you must ….”.  Then suddenly there was shift in energy. He became really animated talking to his wife about one of my paintings. I was curious, so he explained how the painting had brought back memories from a part of his life that he had forgotten. The movement and energy in the seascape had reminded him of what he had experienced and it was giving him pleasure reconnecting with it and sharing it with his partner. 

Another visitor said that he felt he was not looking at my paintings, but he was inside them, travelling with the changing light and having a dialogue. For a young child, one of my paintings made him feel that he was flying over it. For me, each painting is a journey.  When it takes people somewhere, it motivates me to paint more prolifically, to tell more stories and evoke more memories.

I have experimented with mixed media, using fabric, and now I am working on aluminium panels. What heightens the emotional and spiritual vistas are darkness and light, energy and calm - the space for having an experience.



I love your new paintings - very youthful, contemplative and striking


Lincoln Seligman, Painter, Muralist and Sculptor