This video about my “Discovery” exhibition, shows what an interactive experience it was.  With the use of a recording pen children and adults connected with what they were experiencing when looking at the paintings. The diversity and depth of their interpretations made it a special experience for them and for me. I describe the process and share a selection of observations here for you.

Artist's Statement

Have fun exploring and finding the unfamiliar in the familiar as you browse through my work.

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3D Worksin3DWorks
The TriptychinThe Triptych

I love your new paintings - very youthful, contemplative and striking


Lincoln Seligman, Painter, Muralist and Sculptor


I was “born under the wandering star” having travelled, worked and lived in many places. My life and career have been multi-dimensional. I am an artist, a leadership trainer & coach, a mother and grandmother, juggling many roles. My paintings reflect these many strands

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My Journey

Browse through my galleries and you will see that my journey has been joyous - capturing light, movement and energy. I retraced my Indian roots, combining fabric and bright colours. A similar exhuberance can be seen in my Abstracts … ah but then a real change … I abandoned the bright palette to sharpen my focus and go deep. I now offer you Discovery.


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